Gyasi Zardes + Jim Thorpe Park


Revitalizing a Neighborhood

For years, the tennis courts at Jim Thorpe Park in Hawthorne, California have sat broken down and unused. This segment documents an effort sponsored by Herbalife to transform the park into a space that can be an outlet for the local youth. We meet the Bucio Arriaga family who lives nearby and meets weekly with LA Galaxy’s Gyasi Zardes as part of a program he sponsors. He sees himself in these kids and wants to set up the next generation for success. His vision is that the new soccer courts at Jim Thorpe Park will revitalize the community; with a mural that includes a soaring image of Zardes, the local youth are offered a symbol of what they too can achieve.


Client: Herbalife
Prod Co: Campsite Media House
Director: Logan Hendricks
Producer: Dave Paine
DOP: Jonathan Bennett
Editor: Parker Wilson


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