This is a quick overview of the services we offer at L&D. But chances are, if you can think it, we can do it. Reach out to us with your idea and we'll dream up the project together.


Tells the story as the compelling narrative it is. We capture the emotion in the moment to communicate to viewers exactly what it feels like to be part of the story.

  • Award Winning Feature Filmmakers

  • Character and Topic-Driven

  • Finding Authenticity


Captures the entirety of your brand and what it offers. Bespoke visuals, audio, and narrative tailored to the project.

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Compelling Storytelling

  • Delivering Passion and Purpose


Unique visuals, tailored to create the message you want to send. We do it all.

  • Hand-Drawn Frames

  • 3D Capabilities

  • Motion Graphics

Social Media

Video specifically for the social media feed. We produce succinct yet compelling material for posts, ads, and marketing on the algorithm.

  • Video for All Platforms

  • Formatted to Generate User Interaction

  • Creative Solutions to Broaden Your Campaigns


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