Derwin James: Sneaker Crossing

Champs Sports + adidas


Derwin James loves the new adidas NMD "Sneaker Crossing" shoes, available at Champs Sports. In this video he enters the social matrix to let the kids know how much he loves his sneakers! There is even a virtual Derwin in this matrix, not to mention Derwin's amazing GOAT painting... This production was almost entirely remote and shot on cell phones - the purpose was to really lean into our global connection via phones.


Prod Co: Campsite Media House
Director: Logan Hendricks
Executive Producer: Dave Paine
Producer: Logan Hendricks
Director of Photography: Kyle Clark
Wardrobe & Prop: Elizabeth Ream
Photographer: Jason Bump
VFX: Dan Jenson
Editor: Nicole Lana
Music + Mix: Primary Color Music
Artwork: Alonzo Edwards


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