Sound of Passion: Chip Foose


What a Craftsman Sounds Like

If passion had a sound, what would that sound be? MagnaFlow ’s latest video spotlight, “The Sound of Passion,” brilliantly explores this through the point-of-view of legend Chip Foose.


Winner of four silver awards at the Orange County Ad Awards

Winner of two gold awards at the Davey Awards

Client: Magnaflow
Production Company: Campsite Media House
Director: Logan Hendricks
EP: Marcus Vadas
DP: Kyle Clark
Line Producer: Christian Clark
Editor/Colorist/Sound Design: Bryan Avila
Sound Design/Mix: Andrew Maltese
Gaffer (LA Crew): Jeff Samuelson
Production Designer: Lila Yanow
Wardrobe: Jillian Clark
Makeup: Surjaya Cruz
Score: Primary Color Music
Animations (drawings): Rusty Yunusoff
VFX: Dan Jensen

Special Thanks:
Chip Foose
Foose Design
Manny Lizaso


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