Tua Tagovailoa "The Future Is Unwritten"

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Raising Champions

What do you do when you have under 30 minutes to shoot with an athlete during strict Covid restrictions? You call in a few favors from the Miami Dolphins video team, have them set up a green screen in a 20x20 room and direct Tua from 2700 miles away! Tua Tagovailoa is on a journey that will take him from a dream into a global icon. And we’re on that journey with him—from beginning to wherever it takes all of us. After all, his future is unwritten.


Production: Logan&Dave
Director: Logan Hendricks
Producer: Dave Paine
Copywriter: Caspian Michalowski & David Williams
Director of Photography: Tre Freeman
Production Coordinator: Christian Clark
VFX: Dan Jensen
Mix: The Post Haus
Admin: Campsite Media House

Special Thanks: 
Brad Walker & Lighthouse Films
Josh Lane
Miami Dolphins

Additional Content:
"Raising Champions" - Tagovailoa family
XOS Media
GOAT Farm Media

Music by Te Vaka. Song title: "Pate mo tou vae"


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